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Flowking And Gemini Battle. Who Wins?


Do you think Flowking is better than Gemini? Or you think Gemini is rather better? Anyway, whichever is the case. I will be flipping through with you a few necessities of rap and at the end, we shall know who the championship is.

With style, both of them got their own special way of doing their own thing. Gemini does it better with the English and Flowking, Twi. Anyways, it is rap. But in Ghana, it’s better for an artist to rap in a native language (mostly Twi) so you can communicate well with the audience and enhance your fan-base.
WINNER – Flowking

This doesn’t matter the kind of language and or style you are using. It’s about the sense of your flow and how you put literature to good use. You will bear witness with me that Flowking is the best in this field when you don’t know Gemini because not only does he rattle, he always gets his content right.
WINNER – Gemini

Oh my God! Flowking stone is fast but Gemini is faster. Flowking tongue-twists very well but in terms of speed, Gemini is far ahead.
WINNER – Gemini

This is where Gemini drops. He is fast but his breathe ain’t better than Flowking. Flowking is a master of long-distance rap. He can hold his breath for a lot of seconds without dropping.
WINNER – Flowking

In terms of audibility, both rappers are serious. You could hear them clearly when they deliver but Flowking is slightly ahead. His voice is the audible type and he chooses not to go fast more often.
WINNER – Flowking

We all know by now that Gemini talks a lot of sense as compared to Flowking. But this category isn’t about sense. You might think so but don’t let the title deceive you. It rather means the person who engages the fans with his construction and a well-delivered diction. The reference from “content” clearly declares Flowking the winner here.
WINNER – Flowking

Concerning who roars the crowd the most. Gemini is no match. Flowking still got this under control.
WINNER – Flowking

Is there any rapper better than Gemini in freestyling. Well not sure, maybe he is yet to be born. Flowking is good although but not when he is compared to Gemini
WINNER – Gemini

Who said swag is not an essential aspect of rap? The most part of rap relies on your swag and attitude through which you will get your skill. With this, all rappers have it. The only difference is that some have the passive type of swag and others active. They are all swag. We can’t judge on attitude and even if that is not the case, both rappers in question are all passive and calm in terms of their swag status.

5-3 in favour of Flowking. Do you believe it or you have your doubt? Well, let’s keep to what is written and maintain Flowking as our champ. But that does not keep you from doubt. You can oppose or second by voting or leave your comments beneath to make it more interesting.

By: Kwame Rakisa


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