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Need A New Playlist? Here’s “The Ultimate New School Classics”


We already hear a lot of everything else in the Nigerian music scene, but are we really paying attention to the new school cats?

What more could I say, I wouldn’t be here today If the old school didn’t pave the way // Hats off and I’ll never forget – Grand Puba (Brand Nubian – Dedication)

From time to time, 360NoBS will be sharing playlist consisting of rare gems by a few of the numerous New School artists –You might see an oldie, but with a refreshing sound–. So, the question goes; Need a New Playlist? If your answer is a “YES”; then we got you covered as we present to you “The Ultimate New School Classics”.
Take one: The ‘new school class’ are sick, they make some of the most refreshing classic songs
Take two: The ‘new school class’ is sick, it contains A1 songs you can carry over to your next device.
Listen to the playlist  below

Source: 360nobs

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