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SHATTA WALE IS A BEAST!!! See The 3 Things Only He Can Do


The man of controversies, Shatta Wale has made a lot of moves in his career right from when his name remains Bandana till now. He has got a lot of positive doings likewise negative. Both sides have kept him on track up to date. Among his killer moves are three of them no one can put it to the second test. And they are:

1. He fell and rose. Shatter is just the Ghanaian artiste who fell totally and rose like a heavy volcano with tons of fire. No one could stop him till now. He really sat and prepared a master plan which worked and still working perfectly. The most surprising part of this build up is, he came from failure in a rebranded form which was very incredible indeed. He could have stayed with his previous brand and work towards redemption but he knew climbing the stairs from that angle won’t be rapid and he isn’t growing any younger so unlike, He replaced “Bandana” with “Shatter Wale” and he came out with super-flying colors.

2. One person; two solid brands. Shatter Wale wouldn’t have existed when Bandana was still alive. The great brand Bandana died years ago, leaving us with a controversial dancehall king, Shatta Wale. Although Bandana wasn’t as good as Shatta Wale, He did what Napoleon couldn’t. In his time, he was recognized among trending artist just that he lasted so long a time. Bandana was a powerful brand and Shatta Wale has gone the extra mile. Charles Nii Armah Mensah Junior is just a person but has lived twice with two dissimilar solid brands. Surprising huh!

3. He flees through controversies without getting crushed. Shatta Wale is very sensitive to controversies. He started with Charterhouse and spread his wings across Bulldog, Cris Waddle, Yaa Pono and others. Mark Okraku Mantey is a current victim. Through all of them, Shatta rode. He is a stand tall guy who uses controversies to sell himself instead of it bringing him down.


By: Kwame Rakisa

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